Slow summer? hardly.

Slow summer, you might think? I’ve been pretty laid back, web site-wise. But not writing-wise. In fact, it’s been rather nuts.

I’m really excited to announce my long short “Hunting in the Dark” is coming out as a book from Bartleby Snopes. They call the format “Flash novels,” and it’s a great example of how technology has opened up a new market for stories too long for short story collections and too short to pay for itself as a novel.

“Hunting in the Dark” is a coming of age story of five high school boys who spend weekends around a fire at a cabin in the woods. More soon on this!

Plus, I’m just finishing up a chapter for: “Handbook of LGBT Elders: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Principles, Practices, and Policies” from the University of Kentucky. Interesting work. It reminds me of all the non-fiction I used to write—including “Bi America,” various essays for an assortment of publications, and my old column in Lavender Magazine—that I rarely do now, preferring to focus on fiction. It also feels a lot like my day job!

Lastly, my new novel, “Ahnwee Minnesota,” is coming along nicely. It’s a broad satire of small town life and how sh*t upon these communities are, in the case, literally. Almost a first draft!

And my completed novel, “The Avenue”? Let’s just say there may be news soon. Stay tuned.

Have a happy summer!—

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