Trailer for Hunting in the Dark

You know one of the things I like about being an author? For me it means being a jack of all trades. Take writing a blog post, as in this right here.

Well, that’s writing, so I guess that’s not much of a stretch.

Okay, take being a web master. That’s fun and it gives me a sense of control over..I don’t know…ones and zeros? Something. My brand? Do I have a brand? Should I get a logo? If yes, I’m the guy to design it.

But building a web site is easy, especially with WordPress. Accept their weird interface logic and learn to love your template, and Bam! You have a web site.

Harder: video. I made a little trailer you’ll find on the Hunting in the Dark page, for my Fall 2014 release of Hunting in the Dark. All I had was a jpeg of the book cover to work with. Stick that in Powerpoint, record my reading a few paragraphs, add royalty free music off the web, and mix it in Pinnacle Studio 16, and voila, I have a one minute book trailer.

Okay, that was easy as well.

Technology makes so many things like this easy, it can be deceiving. Take said video. This was my second. The first one looked much the same, including my reading the same excerpt, except I had a heavy metal track in the background, getting loud at the end. It seemed like the kind of music our heroes would be listening to, driving in an old Chevy through the woods.

But it sounded ominous. Cool, yes, but very, very ominous. In short: it was out of step for what this story is about. It’s about boys finding their manhood, the role of class, and who has opportunity. It’s patient. It’s more the movie “Boyhood” and less “Last House on the Left.” Ominous? Not so much.

So tech is easy—marketing is tough.

Maybe I’ll get to work on the logo next.


I’ll keep you posted here on the release of Hunting in the Dark. October is the plan. I can’t wait to get it in my hot little hands!

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