Recognize: the voices of bisexual men

I just got my box of the new anthology: Recognize: the voices of bisexual men, from the Bisexual Resource Center in Boston. I can’t wait to tear in! recognize: the voices of bisexual men

My story is on page 111: Hot, Safe, Fun, about a somewhat jaded HIV prevention counselor giving an HIV test to a scared man. I did that job (hopefully better than my character did) for about six years.

Re bi writing: I remember what the late Dr. Fritz Klein told me once, that in the mid-seventies he went to the New York Public Library looking for books on bisexuality, and found one or two. That drove him to create what he believed to be the second bi group in the country in New York, and write his seminal work, The Bisexual Option. How times have changed! Even when I wrote Bi America, published in 2005, there were a lot more than two books, but still not many. Now there is a fiction and non-fiction bi category in the Lambda Book Awards and a bi writers organization and books of humor and autobiography, politics and fiction. Simply awesome.

And hey, if you ready my story, let me know what you think!


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