Literary Locavore has came and went

Thanks to everyone who attended Literary Locavore! I know I had a blast.We learned that little book stores are back, big publishing houses should be scared, poetry is a sure route to riches, and to be sure to watch where you step.

Special thanks to Angela and Moon Palace Books and Tom Driscoll with Rocket Science Press, and of course to our readers, Brian Duren: Whiteout (Beaver’s Pond Press), Lee Henschel Jr.: The Sailing Master (Rocket Science Press), Tom Driscoll (well, Lanesburo is kinda local): Ondine & the Blue Troll (Shipwreckt Press), and Barry McMahon: The Magnificents: The World’s Longest Field Trip (BFA Press).

We’ll do this again! I’m thinking a r2014-12-11 18.44.53egular thing. Maybe the next time in the beginning of April for the AWP Conference!

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