Nom de what?

What would you think if I used a nom de plume? You know, a pen name?

Is it too late to the game to try that now? What about a pen name for fiction and use my real name for non-fiction, as I have been for so long? Sure, I have like 14 short stories out with my Elizabeth- and Bill H. Burleson-given name, but there could be advantages.

It’s hard to switch genres without confusing readers and publishers. “This guy writes LBGT studies books; what’s this ‘Ahnwee Days’ thing got to do with that?”

JK Rowling did it. Having been branded as young adult lit with Harry Potter, she published three books under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

I even have a great name in mind: GW Burlephon. Cool, name yes? “You can call me ‘G’” I’ll say. “Sup, G!” people will yell from across the street. “Nothin’, just comparing myself to JK Rowling,” I’ll reply.

Bears further consideration, for sure.


3 thoughts on “Nom de what?

    1. I always liked the name Bill Burlson. Classy name. A nom de plume (or better yet, a nom de guer – war name) is ok, tho’. Some guy with the unlikely name of Samuel Clemens used the name Mark Twain (from “marking on the twain” – the way people were able to tell water depth on the Mississsippi).

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