Chasing Fire in American Fiction

american fiction 14

American Fiction 14 from New Rivers Press is now out, including my short story, Chasing Fire!

Chasing Fire is the story of misspent youth, with our hero looking for connection and community on the roof of the Chicken Shack. Axel, their older-than-he-should-be loser of a leader, has one interest besides Thai stick and heavy metal—watching fires. Not setting them, watching them. And where he goes, so go his cadre of teenage boys.

On the spectrum of how true is fiction, this one is a bit rare for me, in that it is completely fiction. Oh, there’s a place in town that was called the Chicken Shack, and I’ve known several Axels in my time, but never did I chase fires, at least not with other teens.

However, I have chased fires. With my father. He would hear a fire truck, and off my brother, sister and I would pile into the Vista Cruiser and off we’d go to watch. We didn’t do it a lot, but we did it several times. Weird. We also watched tornados, but that’s another story.

Anyway, if you check out American Fiction 14, let me know what you think of Chasing Fire. I hope you like it!

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