Nick Carter, Kill Master

Ever hear of Nick Carter? Long, lthe-coyote-connectionong before there was James Bond, there was Nick Carter. How long? A good Century. According to Wikipedia, Nick Carter, private detective, began as a dime novel in 1886 and has appeared in a variety of formats ever since. I got my hands on one and from the hair, it appeared to be from the 70s. Best of all, there was a page titled “FROM THE NICK CARTER KILLMASTER SERIES,” listing other book titles. And what titles!

Below are 9 real Nick Carter books, and one I made up. Your challenge: pick out the fake:

  1. Appointment in Haiphong
  2. The Day of the Dingo
  3. Norwegian Typhoon
  4. Retreat from Death
  5. The Satan Trap
  6. Turkish Bloodbath
  7. Suicide Seat
  8. Six Bloody Summer Days
  9. Operation Hippo
  10. The Golden Bull

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