What’s up with these things?


memeCat? Dog? I guess I’m a genius!

What’s up with all these Memes floating around Facebook, asking crazy-easy questions and saying “99% can’t do it!” For example, “Can you think of a brand of car with only 4 letters? 95 can’t!” Or “Can you name a color without the letter ‘Z’ in it? 99% of people give up in despair!”

What’s the plan here?

I’m assuming it’s to get me to say, “Ford! That’s four letters, right?” and then, all proud of myself that I’m not one of those 99% doofuses, I click on it. But I’m not going to do that because I bet if I did-—Boom! It’s Russian hackers, or worse, I’m on another email list. Worse yet—a Viagra ad. You can’t escape those things.

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