In defense of “Moist”

Great story in the NY Times recently. You can read it here if you haven’t used up your Time’s credits for the month.

I’ll summarize: People hate the word “moist.” People also hate the words “vomit,” “puke” and “phlegm,” among others, but they really hate the word, “moist.” I get the bodily fluid ones, but “moist”? Anyway, some doctor thinks he knows why. I won’t discuss that, ‘cause who cares. Eggheads.

More interesting (at least to me) is that when I just went to find this article online, Google hit on a ton of similar articles about hating the word moist. Clearly I am an outlier in my not caring about the word. “Moist soil.” My bus seat is moist.” “Moist beautiful gal in the Woild.” No, there are many other words I hate worse than “moist.”

I won’t make you wait any longer. Ten words I hate more than “Moist”:

  1. “Soil”
  2. “Scrum”
  3. “Aioli”
  4. “Bloviate”
  5. “Chlamydia”
  6. “Flip flops”
  7. “Trump”
  8. “Snapple”
  9. “Orientated”
  10. “I know, right?”

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