Tales of Block E is coming May 1!


I’m super excited to say that starting May 1, I’ll be serializing my book, Tales of Block E!

Tales of Block E is three connected short stories that take place on one particular infamous  block in Downtown Minneapolis in 1979.

Every Saturday for 52 weeks, I’ll post the week’s installments at: https://talesofblocke.wordpress.com/

Plus, I’ll post daily installments Monday through Friday on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TalesBlockE/

So, you can follow my blog and get it emailed to you or follow it daily on Facebook. All free, of course.

Not free, but pretty close, is that for those who want to just read the stories/book, they’ll soon be available in eBook or in print as well. Stay tuned for that.

Fun, yes? This will be an interesting experiment in publishing!!

Read more about the stories here: http://www.williamburleson.com/#/tales-of-block-e-1/

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