Hey, look what I got today. Yay!

2017-04-21 21.53.53

This is my supply for future readings and to deliver to book stores, as soon as I get off my butt and contact some. This project has been web-focused, which is awesome, but there’s no replacement for feeling them in my hot little hands.

As soon as I figure out places to sell them and as soon as I plan a book release party, you’ll be the first to know!

Meanwhile, don’t forget I’m holding a virtual book release part on Facebook: next Sunday, April 30, 7-9pm CST. We’ll talk books, Block E, whatever. And I’m giving away three of these autographed babies; all you have to do is stop by and say hey!

And yes, Blogging starts Monday, May 1. I won’t be blogging it here; this blog is saved for weird attempts at humor and other sundry self-indulgences. It will be at Be sure to “Follow”!

Thanks so much!


release party

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