And we are off!

Whew! We are off on the year of Tales of Block E! The first of 52 installments appeared this morning at after a week of bits at Facebook .

So far, we’ve met Jack, who, after not having been estranged for 20 years, is having dinner with his blind father at the Venice Café. You might say Jack is being a little loose with the facts. How did this all come about? Why have they been apart for 20 years, and why is Jack feel the need to inflate the situation? You’ll find out next week!

Meanwhile, in other Tales news, it looks like We’ll be having a book launch party May 30, 7 p.m., at the Nicollet Diner. Just nailing down the details now, but save the date!

And thanks again to everyone who attended the virtual book release party on Facebook last Sunday. What a blast! Great to hear your stories and see your pictures about Block E and just talk about writing and publishing.

I’ve had several requests for where to buy the hard-copy book—you know, like in person, from a bookstore. They are rolling out now, and so far you can find it at Moon Palace Books, Boneshaker Books, The Lake Coffee House, and Magers and Quinn. Plus, you should be able to request it from any bookstore anywhere.

Lastly, I had the whole hour on KFAI radio’s Fresh Fruit show last Thursday, and Dixie and I had a blast playing music from ‘79 and talking books. Check it out: . I love radio!

Thank you for all the support! –


2 thoughts on “And we are off!

  1. Bill:

    I really enjoyed reading Tales of Block E in the weekly segments. I hope you plan to use this format for other of your stories.

    Your neighbor, Karen


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